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A helmet is to cover your head, not your backside!

A helmet is to cover your head, not your backside!

ATV Services Scotland Ltd sell helmets, but not nearly as many as they should!

Customer enquiries usually begin: "We have an HSE inspection and we need to get a helmet for the bike"...... and the reply to “what shape, colour, style and size is required” is normally "what's the cheapest".
What this tells us is that this helmet is for show rather than use.

These small inexpensive items have been irrefutably proven to save life’s, but only if you wear it.

There has been campaigns before to try and encourage ATV users to wear helmets both by national charities, HSE and government. John Yuille, Managing Director of ATV Services Scotland Ltd says:
“I appreciate the sentiment of these campaigns but do not agree that the bicycle style helmet promoted is the answer to the very real problem.”

The entry level helmet is manufactured to EN1078:2012 which is the standard for bicycle and skateboard helmets. “It doesn’t take an ATV genius to know that an accident on and ATV that can travel up to 70mph and weight up to 400kgs has a higher potential for serious injury than a bicycle or skateboard”. Yes, riders may well be keeping the HSE happy but stand a lesser chance of truly protecting you.

John’s advice:
“If you are going to take your safety seriously buy a proper helmet, one suitable for the vehicle you, your staff or even your family are operating.
We care about our customers and friends and want to encourage them to think about their safety, not only through Farm Safety Week, but every day! As a leading supplier of ATV’s throughout the country, we feel duty bound to take the lead in ATV safety."

A customer once told John “if you’ve got a four bob heid, buy a four bob helmet”. This might be lost on some of our youngsters but what he was saying was: he buys and uses a quality helmet to protect his most valuable asset.


For any advice please contact Aisling Logan (Aftersales Manager) on 01292 560239 or email


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