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by Wessex
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The Hydraulic log splitter from Wessex takes out all the effort originally associated with splitting logs. With this powerful piece of kit, you’ll be able to not only speed up the job but get it done with ease.

As well as being more efficient, the hydraulic log splitter is a lot safer than the traditional method. Its splitting technology allows for the spike to penetrate a thick log like a knife through butter. There is no need to swing an axe or lift the log onto a chopping block. The bottom of the device, where the log was to sit, has been designed to be as low to the floor as possible. This is to ensure the need to loft logs, especially logs up to 18” / 450mm in height, is reduced drastically. Simply place the log a few inches off the ground onto the solid base plate and begin the hydraulic log splitter process.

To ensure its stability is top-tier, the Wessex LS-100 hydraulic log splitter mounts to the rear of a compact tractor. This not only brings a level of manoeuvrability to the task of log splitting but also ensures it’s fully supported at all times – removing any change of danger due to unexpected movement. Whilst on the subject of safety, the hydraulic log splitter requires 2 hands to ensure no arms are present whilst in operation.

  • Powerful 10-ton splitting force – Crack the toughest logs
  • 2 hand control – Meets HSE requirements
  • Simplistic design – Easy to use

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