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Pro Sweep MSP Horse Muck collector

by Logic
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The Logic MSP120 ‘Pro-Sweep’ is the ideal machine for the regular collection of horse muck, helping to maintain healthy paddocks and horses.

Since its introduction, Logic have sold thousands of sweeper-collectors, the prime use being for efficiently picking up horse muck.

The Logic Pro-Sweep combined with a suitable towing vehicle with just one person driving can be "ten times" quicker than by hand or with a vacuum system.

Driving over the pile of horse muck at approximately 5 miles per hour allows the 4ft sweeping brush to sweep the muck directly into the hopper.

Ideally this task should be carried out as often as possible. This can depend on time availability or how many horses are in each field.

Once the task has been completed the hopper is unloaded in a suitable place with the tipping winch.

One very satisfied customer quoted "you have given me my life back" and this machine delivers that compared to any other slow and laborious method of collecting horse muck.

Whether you have one or two horses and only do this job at weekends or you have 30+ horses and do it daily there is no better and faster way of collecting horse muck.

Please watch the product video for more detailed information and to see the Logic Pro-Sweep in action

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